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Carota has rich experiences in providing over the air (OTA) upgrade technologies, introducing multi-industry technologies, as well as deploying comprehensive and flexible solutions for the cloud and end users. We can help auto factories achieve a rapid and seamless integration with OTA technologies
when designing their IoV systems,which will allow the systems to effortlessly remain up-to-date as we welcome the latest industry trends of automatic/assisted driving.

OTA technologies are the foundation of IoV. Aside from offering one-stop automotive OTA solutions, Carota also provides comprehensive network security services. Since the very beginning, OTA has been Carota's most fundamental core services. Our OTA service quality is guaranteed through the accumulation of technologies and professional experiences. Our main competitive advantages include independently developed upgrading architectures, superior compression efficiency for differential upgrades, and protection mechanisms suitable for different work environments. In terms of data security, we also provide basic cryptographic digital signatures, encrypted channels, and secure boot. Additional solutions such as connecting with a third-party PKI are also available.

Our Superior Technologies
and Friendly Services

Comprehensive security systems

▪ Upgrade packages are protected by high-strength encryption,

supports digital signatures

▪ Integration of encryption channel specifications (HTTPs/OMA)

▪ Secure boot or connect with existing security mechanisms,

such as PKI encryption technology

Stable and reliable upgrade technologies

▪ Industry-leading self-adjusting differential technology

▪ Protection mechanisms to handle unexpected power loss,

disk damage, network failure, etc.

▪ Supports reverting back to an earlier version

▪ Compatibility checks before and after system upgrade


▪ The flexible upgrade scripting engine can be customized

for performing various complex software upgrades

▪ Supports mainstream chips manufactured by

Qualcomm, TI, NXP, and ST

▪ Supports a number of RTOS systems

including Android, Linux, and QNX

▪ Able to support localization/migration

▪ Able to develop and execute projects based on a weekly schedule

Customization and scalability

▪ Millions of upgraded devices with

self-adjustment capabilities

▪ Rapid data reading/writing speeds or connection

to third-party resources

▪ Privately-owned server platform construction

▪ A diverse data collection platform

▪ Provide customizations based on the client's existing projects,

then transform these projects

into comprehensive solutions through seamless integration

Installs Worldwide.

3,000,000 set


Carota Technology Corporation was founded in 2011. We are a professional OTA technology solutions provider who upholds innovation and technology as our corporate philosophy. By investing significant resources in R&D and technological innovations, Carota possesses the strongest R&D teams to provide the most remarkable products and technologies. At the same time, we strive to provide expandable and high-performance OTA solutions which are reliable, stable, and secure, as well as customization services capable of meeting a client's professional specifications.

Carota was formed through a joint venture between Trend Micro (the world's leading security solutions provider), and Singtel(the largest transnational network operator in Asia) Innov8, CDIB, CID Venture and ARM China mentor fund. As a multinational smart software development company, we have a globalized management team. We have provided OTA services to more than 300 million smart equipment operating in over 20 countries and regions, with service locations in the United States, Germany, China, Taiwan, India, Russia and Southeast Asia.

Looking ahead to the future, as OTA technologies become the main development trend in on-board equipment and IoV, it has already become the basic feature which connects vehicles with autopilot technology. With Carota's exceptional OTA technologies, we will continue to cultivate a symbiotic industrial system by forming alliances with automotive manufacturers, system integrators, and suppliers. Furthermore, we will be able to provide even more comprehensive solutions to meet client demands. At the same time, Carota will continue to lead its teams to provide professional and complete OTA technology solutions to its partners in the automotive and IoT industries. By working together with our partners to increase their product competitiveness and develop smart products, Carota will be able to help the automotive industry remain a leader in advanced technology, as well as help clients face future challenges. Carota is the top choice in automotive OTA solutions.

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