Remote diagnostics

CAROTA provides comprehensive remote diagnostics solutions for automotive OEMs, including remote monitoring, diagnosis, early warning functions, data analysis, and OTA updates. The monitoring script will be pre-embedded in the vehicle to monitor the status and operating procedures of the components, equipment, systems, and driver behavior. The UDS protocol is supported to receive the diagnostic code of the entire vehicle through diagnostic commands. The monitoring platform collects and uploads vehicle data and driving status, issues early warnings and assists in countermeasure analysis. Any potential failures will then be repaired and updated through CAROTA’s OTA update solution.

Vehicle component monitoring

  • Resource efficiency
  • Resources consumption
  • Operating status
  • DTC error code
  • System log

On-board equipment (ECU / HU) monitoring

  • Usage
  • Crashes, freezes, black screens and flashbacks

On-board system monitoring

  • Safe Driving
  • Body control modules
  • Autopilot
  • Infotainment and other systems

Monitoring of travel conditions

  • Driver's behavior
  • GPS signal
  • GSM network signal
  • Create usage patterns

Product description