CAROTA OTA upgrade

The CAROTA OTA solution provides one-click remote update, upgrade, repair, and data management services for IoT device manufacturers. CAROTA OTA update reduces maintenance costs significantly, updates the software version, repair Safety and functional defects of IoT devices efficiently.

Flexible upgrade strategy

The upgrade script engine adapts to various complex software updates, supports flexible strategy configuration of upgrade tasks, and meets multiple upgrade requirements.

Patented Delta technology

National Patent for OTA Differential Algorithm
Patent No.: 201610094580.4
The delta is highly efficient in reducing the update package's download time, and the platform allows the differential package's online production.

Complete security protection mechanism

Digital signature, HTTPS/OMA, PKI security encryption; support continuous upgrade when sudden power failure, network abnormal protection, version rollback, and more.

Stable and highly concurrent device upgrade

Provide multi-threaded and highly concurrent upgrade package distribution capabilities, efficiently complete millions of device upgrades.

Efficient development cooperation

Quick access to internal data and connect third-party resources to shorten the development cycle; FAE team supports locally.


Support MTK, NXP, Qualcomm, Renesas, ST, TI, and other mainstream chips; support multiple OS and RTOS systems.

Product description