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Integrity, simplicity, and efficiency are the operating beliefs of the CEO. Our team members are honest and adhere to integrity, especially in financial management risk, accounting, taxation, and legal affairs. We use subtraction to build a simple and efficient organization and focus on core business. Since the inception of CAROTA, the founder CEO has chosen to take a very different path: Globalization, CAROTA’s outstanding differentiator. From well-known Chinese car manufacturers to Toyota, to Faurecia Clarion France and the demanding German car manufacturers, we have cooperated with Fortune 500 global companies along the way. Through the growth of our core business, CAROTA has gradually attracted more experts from the automotive industry. We have transformed ourselves from a traditional pure software service provider to an innovative service provider in the automakers’ supply chain. We welcome talents with integrity, naturally fitting into efficient and straightforward management models, self-navigated and self-motivated. We have competitive salary levels and flexible working hours. With new customers and upcoming projects from existing customers, we are always open to industry experts.

Job Openings

Android Software Development Engineer

  • Develop and customize Android Lib (SDK / NDK)
  • Develop Sample APP of the Android Lib
  • Assist IoT and car manufacturers customers in integrating the OTA update function
  • Assist in discussing technical details of the customized application with European and American customers and provide technical support
  • Android / Linux system monitoring and abnormal diagnosis in product development

Full-end R&D Engineer

  • Linux network application development
  • Developing experience of front-end and back-end for more than two years
  • Developing experience of ReactJS/Vue/Angular
  • Familiar with CSS/Less layout
  • Familiar with MongoDB
  • Familiar with the implementation of either one of the communication protocols: TCP/IP, HTTPS, and CANBUS

Front-End Development Engineer

  • Develop front-end pages of Internet of Vehicles/Internet of Things OTA upgrade platform and device management platform
  • Assist customers, including car manufacturers and telecom operators, in integrating platform
  • New product prototype page development, with good communication skills

Node.js Development Engineer

  • Develop Device Management (DM) Server application
  • Implement OMA-DM and OMA-LWM2M protocols
  • Connect the company’s existing OTA firmware update management system to provide connected device management and firmware update services.