CAROTA and CATARC Reached A Strategic Cooperation to Jointly Promote the Development of IOV

Recently, Carota and China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. reached an important technical cooperation, We will be based on OTA test equipment to deepen cooperation on related infrastructure projects, and jointly promote the development of IOV.


As a global leading one-stop OTA (OVER-THE-AIR) upgrade and remote diagnosis complete solution provider, Carota has been plowing into the OTA field for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in the project. At present, more than 320 million intelligent devices around the world are equipped with Carota OTA.


CATARC is a comprehensive technology enterprise group with wide influence in the domestic and international automotive industry, focusing on the development of automotive science and technology and innovation, with business covering 10 major fields such as testing and inspection, engineering R&D services, digitalization, engineering design, consulting services, certification business and strategic emerging business, providing strong support for the development of China's automotive industry.


Through joint efforts and technological innovation, we will empower OTA to improve its product technology and service level, promote it to better meet market demand, and make supportive contributions to the development of global vehicle communication technology and the future development of the automotive industry in a new track.