CAROTA and HONOR reached a cooperation to create a smart life experience

CAROTA and HONOR officially reached a partnership, CAROTA will provide HONOR with differential upgrade tools for watches and wristbands. 


Carota is a leading global one-stop OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade and remote diagnostic full solution provider, with differential upgrade technology national patent, can provide online differential capability, can help enterprises to effectively reduce the update package download time, save storage space, shorten the transmission time, reduce the amount of data to provide significant update efficiency. 


HONOR is the world's leading intelligent terminal provider, taking quality, innovation and service as the strategic control point, insisting on continuous investment in research and development and forward-looking technology, and is committed to building a landmark technology brand that is all-scene, all-channel, and serves the whole population. 


The cooperation with HONOR demonstrates the diversified development pattern of CAROTA in the field of IOT and IOV.