Carota and Dongfeng LiuZhou Motor Reach OTA Cooperation in Commercial Vehicles

In recent years, China's commercial vehicle telematics industry has been upgrading continuously, and the expansion of intelligence has become the mainstream topic of the industry. Carota cooperates with Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor (Dongfeng) to provide OTA solutions and OTA operation and maintenance services for Dongfeng’s commercial vehicles.


Carota's OTA solution can easily update the software and firmware of vehicle ECUs. Through concise and efficient updates as well as strengthened and solid security, the one-stop cloud-to-vehicle, from supplier management before mass production of new vehicles, production line updates during mass production, to remote updates and diagnostics after sale, provides a full range of cloud-based services for the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, and offers powerful benefits to automobile manufacturers. At present, more than 320 million smart devices have been equipped with Carota OTA upgrade, and the business has spread to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.


DONGFENG was established in 1954, and it is a first-level subsidiary of Dongfeng Group, with 68 years of vehicle manufacturing history. It insists on the parallel development of commercial vehicles and passenger cars to build the "four bases" of Dongfeng Group, and takes " Develop enterprise and happiness employees " as its management philosophy. It owns the brand of "Cheng Long" for commercial vehicles and " FORTHING" for passenger cars. Its brand effect and sales volume ranked among the top in the domestic commercial vehicle and passenger car fields.


Facing the intelligent development of China's commercial vehicle industry, Carota will continue to provide Dongfeng with reliable, industry-leading vehicle and service solutions. Both parties will further strengthen their strategic partnership and continuously improve the depth and breadth of cooperation, so as to promote the upgrading of China's commercial vehicle industry through compliance, intelligence and networking.