Carota Enters Carmax's SDV Roadmap

SDV (Software-Defined Vehicles) marks a significant shift in the automotive world, moving from traditional vehicles with hundreds of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and hardware-based functionality to cars that can evolve over time with "intelligent systems." Leading OTA brand Carota has been collaborating with Carmax since 2019, and in 2023, it entered the SDV landscape outlined by Carmax. The rise of SDV is driven by three major trends in the automotive industry: electrification, automation, and connectivity. These trends meet the demands of modern driving, fostering closer relationships between OEMs and customers. 

Primary benefits of SDV for automotive manufacturers include: 


  • Operational Efficiency: SDV streamlines the vehicle development process, reducing the R&D cycle and time to market for new cars. 
  • Revenue Growth Potential: SDV offers the opportunity for new revenue streams through subscription-based services and continuous upgrades via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates. Regular OTA updates significantly reduce the costly need for recalls. 
  • Competitive Differentiation: SDV provides an innovative feature platform, allowing brands to stand out in a competitive market by offering value propositions that resonate with new-generation car owners. 
  • Customer Loyalty: Attracting continuous customer attention through software updates and personalized features builds trust in OEMs and keeps customers engaged. 


While these benefits come with significant challenges, the main challenges the automotive industry faces when transitioning to SDV include: 


  • New Supply Chain Dynamics: Traditionally, OEMs sourced ECUs from the same-tier suppliers, and related software was specific to the service of particular ECUs. The SDV supply chain is a completely different composition, allowing OEMs to freely choose from various software vendors. This shift in the supply chain ecosystem, from hardware with proprietary software to hardware with various software, integrates the required number of ECUs and enables customers to engage in exclusive customization. This also means that more tech companies can finally break into the once impregnable automotive supply chain. 


Carota has assisted Carmax in managing the hardware needed for OTA, serving as an integrated single interface for managing the entire OTA process and tracking. In the future, within Carmax's SDV roadmap, Carota will play a more critical role, creating more service value. 


  • E/E Architecture: SDV will require an Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architecture to handle large amounts of data, providing seamless in-vehicle communication while reducing latency. 
  • Security: With more software introduced into vehicles, the opportunity for cyber-attacks increases. SDV developers must focus on creating secure automotive designs to protect personal data and information, ensuring vehicles operate as expected. 


Carota continues its collaboration with Carmax, refining services and technical capabilities to provide a noticeable upgrade for car owners. In the future, there is an expectation to export SDV roadmap technology overseas, contributing to innovation and injecting new energy into international expansion efforts. 



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