A Thank You Letter Expressing Deep Gratitude to the Carota Team for Their Professional Assistance

▋Beyond Expectations

What kind of supplier builds such a profound level of trust that clients, when facing issues unrelated to Carota's services, choose to reach out for help to avoid repeating past software pitfalls in the next version?

▋Client Pain Points

After the recent upgrade, a design flaw in the new software resulted in abnormal connectivity for specific car models in the car networking services. Simultaneously, it prevented vehicles from undergoing OTA upgrades/downgrades again, leaving only the option of recalling and replacing components to resolve the issue.

▋Carota's Handling Process

Upon Carota's analysis, it was discovered that all problematic vehicles still initiated OTA connections, albeit uploading the same erroneous vehicle information. Carota proactively suggested adding a new processing mechanism on the OTA server side. This allowed these problematic vehicles to receive specially arranged OTA downgrade tasks, enabling the vehicles to successfully revert to the previous version that operated normally.


Within a day, the Carota team completed the problem analysis and deployment. The proposed solution precisely addressed the issue, showcasing Carota's core competitive advantages: professional service and rich experience. In about 3-4 days, the majority of vehicles were repaired, allowing clients to smoothly navigate through this recall crisis.

▋Carota Team Characteristics

With a customer-centric approach, the team demonstrates a meticulous and professional attitude in proposing solutions, prioritizing the resolution of client issues. Carota not only provides preventive measures for potential future problems but also confronts current issues head-on, swiftly and effectively resolving customer challenges.

▋Event Review

The customer's difficulties did not originate from the company's services, yet Carota willingly invested time and expertise, utilizing extensive experience to investigate various possible root causes. This saved the client a significant amount in recall costs and prevented potential damage to their reputation. As a result, Carota earned deeper trust and support from the client.


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