Carota and a Major Taiwanese Electronics Manufacturer Collaborate on "Integrated OTA Solution for Vehicles"

With a keen focus on the growing trend of Over-The-Air (OTA) updates becoming standard in connected vehicles, a leading Taiwanese electronics manufacturer has joined forces with Carota to develop an Integrated OTA solution. Targeting the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) and new energy vehicle market, the collaboration aims to create a seamless, efficient, and scalable Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) solution. The joint effort includes the Proof of Concept (PoC) development for an Internet Gateway (GW) and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), with the anticipated debut of the results scheduled for the end of January at the Tokyo Automotive World exhibition.


Carota, leveraging its globally leading OTA upgrade technology with patent support [Device, System, and Method for Achieving Software Online Updates (Patent No.: 201610094508.4)], provides a solution for rapid firmware and software updates for global automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, chip manufacturers, terminal device vendors, and fleet operators. With dozens of successful complete vehicle OTA implementations, vehicles equipped with Carota's OTA system can receive remote updates, upgrades and feature additions securely without the need to return to the original manufacturer.


The Deputy General Manager of the automotive electronics division at the Taiwanese company highlighted the importance of collaboration and combining expertise and technology to accelerate the development of software-defined vehicles. This integrated OTA solution combines the manufacturing advantages of the Taiwanese company in global automotive hardware, the efficient and scalable NXP S32G processor, and Carota's rich experience in OTA. The company's hardware, serving as a powerful device for vehicle-side functions, takes on the role of the entire vehicle OTA access point. It retrieves update packages from the OTA cloud, dispatches them to the corresponding Electronic Control Units (ECUs) requiring updates, collects the update status of each ECU on the vehicle, and then sends the information back to the OTA platform. Authorized automakers and Tier 1 managers can log in to Carota's dedicated backend to manage the latest versions and update status of each ECU in real-time. In line with the trend of zero emissions and environmental protection, the company hopes that this collaboration will accelerate access to a global potential customer base of new energy vehicles, providing an advanced and intelligent automotive choice.


Carota's CEO, Paul Wu, stated that the OTA management platform designed by Carota offers comprehensive configuration of vehicle functions. It can support and manage upgrade package versions among multiple ECUs, implementing different OTA upgrade strategies based on various scenarios such as network conditions, security risks, energy consumption, and hardware performance. Carota's OTA adopts patented differential technology, reducing the file size of upgrade packages by up to 99%, significantly shortening download times to enhance the end-user (driver) update experience while saving substantial transmission costs. Additionally, to assist manufacturers in meeting local OTA compliance requirements globally, Carota offers a software and hardware integrated testing cabinet for OTA updates, facilitating swift adoption of OTA solutions for overseas automakers and supply chains under various country regulations.


The collaboration between the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer and Carota aims to elevate the integrated OTA product technology and service standards for connected vehicles. The goal is to efficiently and securely enable vehicles to stay up-to-date in real-time, robustly realizing the blueprint for the future of intelligent travel in the automotive industry.


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