Carota and F.LAB Establish Strategic Alliance to Strengthen Smart Cockpit Competitiveness

[Taipei, 2024/2/7] Carota, a global supplier of automotive Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrades and remote diagnostic solutions, announced a strategic alliance with F.LAB, a software development company specializing in smart cockpit technology. This alliance will seamlessly integrate F.LAB's services into Carota's product portfolio, further enhancing Carota's competitive advantage in the automotive technology sector.

The second and third from the right: Carota CEO Paul Wu, F.LAB CEO June Kim


Carota is renowned globally for its OTA core technology and is also the largest provider of fleet image management services in Taiwan, as well as engineering truck buffer crashers and rear collision warning systems. The smart cockpit is considered the future trend in the development of various types of passenger vehicles, providing a high-quality driving experience through humanized and immersive audio-visual experiences. With the introduction of smart cockpits, not only passenger cars but also commercial and logistics vehicles can provide a more comfortable and safe "third living space." The enhanced wireless updates for smart cockpits will be Carota's next growth engine.


F.LAB, based in South Korea, has shown outstanding performance in developing smart cockpit software and platforms, serving major car manufacturers worldwide, with sales terminals distributed globally. The alliance with Carota demonstrates both parties' commitment to providing high-quality, seamlessly integrated smart cockpit solutions and upgrades to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry.


Carota CEO Paul Wu stated, "Collaborating with F.LAB aligns with our vision to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to the automotive industry. Smart cockpits are becoming increasingly prevalent in various electric vehicles, with corresponding functional applications based on manufacturers' settings and owners' preferences. We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths in hardware and software technology and resource integration to jointly explore broader markets."


F.LAB CEO June Kim mentioned, "We are excited about our strategic collaboration with Carota, aiming to achieve more secure, comprehensive connectivity and a more enjoyable driving experience at a critical moment for the successful transition of various manufacturers to Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs)."

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Carota provides global one-stop OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrades and remote diagnostic solutions, as well as the largest fleet image management service provider in Taiwan.


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F.LAB aims to innovate business models and new growth businesses, providing long-term growth engines for the global automotive, IoT, and network services-related industries.