Carota collaborates with XUN to create a smart technology lifestyle for children, accompanying their joyful growth.

Carota has established a partnership with XUN to provide them with differential upgrade tools for smart wearable devices. 


As the world's leading one-stop OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade and remote diagnostic complete solution provider, Carota owns a national patent for differential upgrade technology [Device, system and method for realizing online software update (Patent No. 201610094508.4)], which can provide online differential capability to help enterprises effectively reduce the download time of update packages, save storage space, shorten transmission time, reduce data usage, and significantly improve update efficiency. 


XUN is a children's technology brand jointly invested by institutions such as Xiaomi and Nokia. Every product released by XUN is designed with smart technology and educational concepts to accompany children's safe, healthy, and happy growth, helping them cultivate good behavioral habits. The XUN team members have 15 years of industry experience in wireless communication and have established research and development centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Huizhou, and other locations. 


Both parties will continue to exchange and advance technological research and development advantages to better create a growth environment surrounded by smart technology for children, safeguarding their precious childhood moments.