Carota’s automotive software helps car manufacturers and fleet operators reduce carbon footprint

As global extreme weather events become increasingly severe, how can the smart mobility industry lead change in the face of the warming crisis, hoping to give the earth and future generations a better future? Carota's OTA (Over-the-Air) upgrade solution contributes to promoting environmental sustainability and making a difference.


Our automotive OEM customers continuously optimize vehicle performance through OTA, coupled with predictive maintenance mechanisms for remote diagnosis, reducing unnecessary physical recall demands, thereby reducing the frequency of large-scale vehicle movements to maintenance facilities and decreasing carbon footprint. Moreover, it's not just for passenger vehicles; it's even more effective for commercial freight with significant carbon emissions, optimizing vehicle performance and enhancing energy efficiency. By means of remote updates of automotive software and firmware, the lifespan of vehicles is extended. 


In addition, our fleet management integration system provides order management, task scheduling, and intelligent dispatching services for transportation service providers and clients with in-house logistics fleets, prioritizing the most suitable delivery routes to reduce unnecessary trips and empty runs. It can also integrate driver attendance and pre-duty health management, as well as full-scale monitoring of driving activities, reducing vehicle energy consumption and damage by encouraging good driving behavior. Supported by real-time fleet tracking and event image analysis, problems can be quickly identified, and responsibility can be clarified after accidents, helping fleet operators make full use of their assets. 


In short, by automating, clouding, and digitizing, critical data from moving vehicles is uploaded to the cloud, allowing management teams to easily grasp fleet management effectiveness through visual reports. 

On highways and elevated roads where traffic accidents are frequent, we collaborate with the American company Scorpion. Its patented design provides safe and reliable physical collision protection, supplemented by Carota's intelligent rear collision warning detection system. Through MCU, it instantly determines whether the vehicle's speed exceeds 80 kilometers per hour and whether it is still in the same lane and about to collide with the impactor. If the rear vehicle continues to approach within a range of 90 meters without slowing down, it will trigger an alarm sound, providing at least 3.7 seconds of crucial reaction time for personnel to avoid collision, reducing the degree of collision damage and the possibility of injury. Our service not only protects the integrity and availability of assets but also prioritizes risk of injury prevention. 


Governments worldwide are striving for net zero emissions, and global companies hope to collaborate with supply chains to achieve carbon reduction, reaching carbon neutrality goals before the target year. Carota assists customers in achieving ESG goals through "automotive software development and platform services," conducting smart transportation more economically and efficiently. We provide transportation solutions for corporate clients to respond to ESG and apply them to supplier selection and management. We are committed to continuously improving automotive software technology and playing a key role in realizing a sustainable future. 


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