Carota has emerged in the field of scientific research in China,and declared national high enterprise to be honored

Lately, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology released the list of "Specialized and Sophisticated SMEs in Shanghai in 2023" and "Innovative SMEs in Shanghai in 2023". Carota ranked 158th in the list of "Specialized and Sophisticated SMEs" and 156th in the list of "Innovative SMEs". 


Meanwhile, Carota has also been awarded the High and New-Technology Expertise (HNTE) Certificate. The evaluation for this certificate aims to guide enterprises in adjusting their industrial structure, promote technological transformation, enhance brand image, enjoy tax reduction benefits, and increase market value and capital value, helping enterprises to improve, strengthen, and expand. 


Carota was awarded the certificate of HNTE 


Specialized and Sophisticated SMEsare evaluated based on four categories: specialization, refinement, uniqueness, and innovation capability, across thirteen indicators.  

Innovative SMEsare assessed based on three categories: innovation capability, growth potential, and specialization, across six indicators. 

High and New-Technology Expertise (HNTE): are comprehensively evaluated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Taxation Administration through a series of stringent review criteria.  



Carota won the "Three consecutive championships" awards, marking that Carota's scientific and technological research and development, continuous innovation and growth and other capabilities have been recognized by China. 


Carota's achievement of the "triple crown" honors signifies national recognition of its capabilities in technological research and development, continuous innovation, and growth. As a supplier of intelligent automotive software technology products and services and an independent OTA innovation enterprise in China, Carota will carry these honors with pride. It will delve deeply into research and exploration in the technological field, fulfill its responsibilities in the internet service sector, and persist on the path of technology leadership and innovation-driven growth. By focusing meticulously on its operations, Carota will continuously enhance its core competitiveness and service quality, maintain its industry-leading position, drive digital transformation, and write a new chapter in the era of software-defined technology.