Carota and Neta Automobile Cooperate to Provide Vehicle OTA Intelligent Solutions

In recent years, the integrated intelligent platform encompassing "vehicle, energy, road, and cloud" has become a significant opportunity and outlook for the automotive industry. NETA Auto, a brand under Hozon New Energy Auto, adheres to the development philosophy of "electrification, intelligence, connectivity, and sharing," making high-quality intelligent electric vehicles within reach. 


Carota, as a global leader in providing complete OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade and remote diagnosis solutions, has successfully partnered with Neta Auto. As a long-term ecological partner in its intelligent driving field, Carota provides full-vehicle OTA solutions for Neta's U-II/Pro, Neta V & Neta AYA, Neta U, Neta V, and Neta X series. Carota's advanced OTA technology offers robust security for automakers in product development and vehicle software updates. For instance, in the realm of full-vehicle upgrades, Carota's automatic failure log analysis function can automatically analyze failure logs uploaded from vehicles that failed to upgrade, using cloud-based intelligence. This, combined with continuously optimized intelligent algorithms, addresses most vehicle upgrade failure scenarios. This technology effectively reduces operational and maintenance labor for automakers and increases the success rate of full-vehicle upgrades. 


Image Source: Neta's Official Website(Neta X)


In the face of automobile "CASE" (Connected、Autonomous、Share & Services and Electric) innovation, Carota remains true to its original mission, focusing on technology as its foundation. By diligently enhancing its core competitiveness and service quality, Carota strives to collaboratively create a bright future interconnected with its clients.


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