Event Recap: Carota Empowers the Intelligent Driving Ecosystem with a Blueprint of Smart Diagnostic Large Model Technology Framework for Steady and Far-reaching Progress


Co-creating a New Era of Intelligent Innovation and Industry Blueprint

On June 13, 2024, the automotive technology summit organized by WPG Holdings, themed "Driving into the Future: Booking the Next Fifteen Years to Conquer the World," successfully concluded in the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing. This summit was based on the rapid development of intelligent vehicles, which has sparked competition and transformation in the automotive industry. Vehicles are being equipped with increasing capabilities such as computing and interaction, with more centralized control. From the basic functions achieved through steel and mechanical structures, to enhanced safety and performance with mechatronics, and now the ongoing development of the "New Four Modernizations (CASE)"—Connectivity, Automation, Sharing, and Electrification—technology continues to define the role of automobiles, with the importance of chips becoming ever more prominent.


New Technology, New Transformation

WPG Holdings' China President, Shen Weizhong, addressed the guests at the conference. Shen emphasized that new energy vehicles represent a significant opportunity for China to achieve a breakthrough in the global market, serving as an important driving force for economic transformation and upgrading. As the "New Four Modernizations" continue to evolve, the integration between the automotive industry and the semiconductor sector is becoming increasingly close, forming a new ecosystem of mutual promotion and growth. Facing such industry development trends, WPG Holdings, as a key link connecting upstream and downstream industries, is committed to continually engaging with the automotive sector and collaborating with chip companies to jointly build a benchmark for the deep integration of automotive electronic technology and the semiconductor supply chain.


WPG Holdings China President | Shen Weizhong (Image Source: WPG)


Software Empowering the Intelligent Driving Ecosystem

As a leading company in the global automotive software industry, Carota was invited to participate in the summit. The company's co-founder, CTO, and General Manager of China, Jacky Zhang, delivered a keynote speech titled "Empowering Automotive Diagnostic Systems with Intelligent Upgrades through Large Models."


Carota Co-Founder, CTO, and General Manager of China | Jacky Zhang (Image Source: WPG)


Jacky Zhang explained that intelligent diagnostics is an integrated application where vehicles, without needing to return to the 4S dealership, can utilize their mobile communication capabilities (WIFI/4G/5G) to enable remote control and diagnostic operations by the OEM's backend or through a mobile app. Carota has established a large model intelligent diagnostic platform that follows a full-process framework: vehicle power-on self-test (vehicle end) → aggregation of fault codes and data for root cause analysis (remote diagnostic system) → issuance of repair solutions (software firmware updates & OTA task dispatch).


By combining remote diagnostic technology with OTA technology, Carota creates a complete closed-loop solution, offering limitless possibilities for automakers to build intelligent industry platforms. Additionally, as the intelligent diagnostic large model moves towards implementation, edge computing, with its proximity to data sources, becomes a crucial carrier for expanding large models to intelligent terminals and smart gateways, thus reaching a broader user base.


Relying on high computational power, edge-side inference capabilities, AI hardware acceleration engines, and model compression support, edge computing with large models enables real-time vehicle health monitoring, in-vehicle multimodal perception, driver behavior recognition, in-car intelligent AI assistants, and customized solution recommendations. This combination of software and hardware creates a smart ecosystem.


Carota Large Model Intelligent Diagnostic Platform Framework


Integration of Software and Hardware for the Internet of Everything


Carota new generation OTA universal simulation platform (source: WPG)


At this summit, Carota also showcased its newly developed universal OTA simulation bench, featuring comprehensive upgrades in both functionality and appearance. The full-screen display of the OTA upgrade process allows users to view every detail of the upgrade at a glance. The bench uses physical buttons to simulate vehicle condition signals, optimizing the tactile experience and supporting a wider range of signal simulations. The OTA management backend is built into the device, allowing for the flexible configuration of OTA upgrade tasks and achieving a closed-loop control of the entire OTA process.


The device supports various functions in simulating the OTA upgrade process, including detecting upgrade tasks, downloading upgrade packages, automatically verifying the integrity of the packages, assessing preconditions, executing the flash write, and rolling back in case of upgrade failure. This provides users with a new hands-on experience.



The automotive industry is evolving from traditional vehicles to new intelligent "terminals" that integrate both software and hardware. Building a combined software and hardware ecosystem and achieving the Internet of Everything for intelligent travel has become a consensus in the automotive industry. Facing the new trends and new forms of "New, Smart, Integration, and Competition" in the automotive industry, Carota is committed to long-termism. In the wave of intelligence, Carota leverages OTA thinking to provide robust support for the innovative development of the intelligent automotive industry, empowering the intelligent driving ecosystem for steady and long-term progress.