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The third Vehicular Network Security Conference ended successfully on June 27th in Shanghai.


With the deep integration of automotive and artificial intelligence, information communication, electrical automation and other technologies, intelligent networked vehicles have gradually developed into a new generation of mobile intelligent terminals, promoting a new transformation of transportation modes. With the continuous support of the "new CASE" concept of automobiles, new safety risks and challenges have become increasingly prominent, and how to do a good job in the network and data security of intelligent connected vehicles has become a key element to help the healthy development of the automobile industry.


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In this context, the third Vehicular Network Security Conference focused on intelligent connected vehicle standards and regulations, hardware security module HSM, basic software security solutions, vehicle networking vulnerability mining, channel information encryption technology, and other fields to carry out exchanges and discussions.


According to IDC forecasts, in 2025, the global connected car scale will be 78.3 million, and more than 71% of new cars shipped will be equipped with intelligent connected systems, which will bring more challenges to vehicle information and data security, and OTA upgrades may also face the risk of hacking.



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Carota, as the software development exhibitor at this conference, demonstrated its self-developed OTA system security architecture and security scheme to clients.   Through a series of security measures, such as encryption transmission, digital signature verification, data integrity detection, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of OTA communication.   It realizes the high security of OTA upgrade, and ensures the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data in OTA upgrade process, and fundamentally eliminates the risk of hacker attacks.   With supported enterprises to achieve remote vehicle function upgrades, performance optimization, and defect repair, to bring better service and experience to users.



In the future, Carota will continue to strengthen its research and development strength and market layout, provide better solutions and service support for information security and data security of the automotive industry, explore the interconnection of science and technology, and create a new industrial ecology.


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