GuardKnox and Carota Partner to Offer End-to-End OTA and Cybersecurity Solutions

RAMLA, Israel, SHANGHAI and TAIPEI -- Nov. 16, 2021 -- GuardKnox, an automotive technology company building high-performance, secure-by-design products for the next generation of mobility, and Carota, a global one-stop Over-The-Air (OTA) upgrade and remote diagnostic full solution provider, today announced their collaboration to deliver seamless OTA update capabilities for car manufacturers using secure end-to-end communication. Carota's OTA solutions, integrated with GuardKnox's deterministic in-vehicle cybersecurity Communication Lockdown™ methodology, will empower Carota's OEM customers and usher in the next generation of secure, connected and autonomous vehicles.


As the next generation of mobility takes shape, OTA updates serve as an efficient and seamless way for OEMs to offer vehicle software and firmware updates. With Carota OTA capabilities, OEMs can remotely deliver new functionalities, features enhancements and security patches to improve the driving experience and vehicle's safety. Additionally, the patented Carota Delta Technology reduces the size of the update package by up to 95%, shortens the update process, and saves on communication costs.


"From mobile phones to computers and now automobiles, OTA updates are the future of mobility, and Carota is an essential partner for producing vehicles that will excite consumers," said Moshe Shlisel Co-Founder and CEO of GuardKnox. "GuardKnox's pioneering approach enables OEMs and Tier 1s to create vehicles that can not only be updated to avoid safety recalls, but also to provide exciting and innovative updates that will change the way drivers and passengers can interact with their vehicles."


GuardKnox has pioneered a patented approach for vehicle networks that uses the secure SOA solution to enable any Electronic Control Unit (ECU), High Performance Computer (HPC) or Domain Controller to serve as a vehicle-wide computing platform. By integrating secure SOA capabilities into ECUs, GuardKnox can maximize the functionality, security and safety of connected and autonomous vehicles while lowering the complexity of developing software and services that will customize vehicles and generate new revenue streams for OEMs and third parties. In addition, GuardKnox expedites the development of software, enables a wider range of functionalities, and lowers both development and software maintenance costs. The Carota one-stop OTA solution will operate alongside the GuardKnox SOA platform and be a secure landing point enabling updates to be safely rolled out across the entire vehicle.


"We are delighted to partner with GuardKnox to provide our customers a secure and comprehensive OTA solution," said Carota CEO and Founder, Mr. Paul Wu. "OTA updates are essential to keeping the vehicle's software and firmware up-to-date and Carota aims to become a key supplier of connected car software services in the OTA and remote diagnostics fields. A majority of China automotive OEMs have already adopted and implemented our OTA capabilities."


About GuardKnox

GuardKnox is a leading automotive technology company building high-performance, service-oriented, customizable, and secure-by-design products for the next generation of driver-centric mobility. GuardKnox empowers the automotive industry with the scalable and flexible technologies necessary for consumers to have the freedom to evolve and customize their vehicle's performance, as well as their in-vehicle experience. GuardKnox's pioneering approach to automotive innovation comes from the executive team's vast experience in aviation, thus bringing their philosophy to life that every vehicle should meet fighter jet standards. Founded in 2016, GuardKnox is based in Israel, with subsidiary locations in Stuttgart, Germany, and Detroit, Michigan.


About Carota

Carota is the world's leading one-stop OTA (over-the-air) upgrade and remote diagnostic full solution provider, committed to providing safe, stable, reliable, and scalable OTA upgrade solutions to car OEMs. Carota has a global presence and serves customers in more than 20 countries including Greater China, the USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, India, and the Southeast Asia region. For more information, visit


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