At the 5th IoT Security Summit Forum, Mr. Po-I Wu, CEO of Carota, shared his excitement for the year 2023.

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The 5th IOT Security Forum was held on December 6th, 2022, at the Hua Nan Commercial Bank International Conference Center, Taipei City. Mr. Po-I Wu, Founder and CEO of Carota was invited to speak at the forum on the topic of avoiding potential risks in OTA updates for vehicles. His Keynote speech was titled “Identify the potential risks, don’t let OTA software updates become automotive security breaches”.


Mr. Po-I Wu, Founder and CEO of Carota



Carota’s commitment is to provide safe, stable, reliable, and scalable OTA upgrade and fleet management solutions to OEMs, fleet owners and IoT smart device manufacturers. Carota is a significant player in the China market, with over 320 million smart devices installed and upgraded. The company serves customers in more than 20 countries and areas, including Greater China, the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, and the Southeast Asia region. 


The Internet of Things is a driving force behind digital innovation and the digital economy. With the widespread adoption of 5G and new infrastructure, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure the security of the Internet of Things as it continues to grow and develop. Standardization will play a key role in ensuring the security of the Internet of Things as it continues to advance.



The Internet of Things Security Summit Forum is a technology event that focuses on the future of information security on the Internet of Things. The forum brings together experts from around the world to discuss the latest developments in 5G AIoT, industrial control, and vehicle information security. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and practical strategies to ensure the security of the Internet of Things. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for secure IOTs.



The speech covers the following topics:

  • Automotive OTA development and multi-level network security solutions
  • OTA test platform information security quality assurances
  • Case analysis of cooperation with Trend Micro and GuardKnox, etc.

This comprehensive analysis of the development of automotive information provides new ideas for protecting vehicle information security and help move the Internet of Things industry forward.



The focus of this event is on information security and building a resilient digital protection. Experts share their insights on how to address potential risks and threats to the security of the Internet of Things and showcase innovative technologies for ensuring the security of the IOTs ecosystem. This is an opportunity to learn from experts and help build a safe and reliable environment for the Internet of Things.