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GuardKnox and CAROTA have partnered to provide a secure end-to-end solution for Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, remote diagnostic and cyber security (equipped with the patented Communication Lockdown™ methodology.) for the VSOC, Vehicle Security Operation Center.


The high performance, consolidated, customizable, secure solution will analyze in-vehicle data and will send security related data back to the VSOC.

CAROTA, a pioneer in the latest technologies is committed to serving the car networking ecosystem that enables this end-to-end solution for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

The scalable solution can be implemented on any ECU and secures the communication in the vehicle as well as on the cloud.






One of the main benefits of digitalization is the capability to make functionality much more dynamic and allow for continuous customization of vehicle functions, thus greatly enhancing both the driver and passenger experience. In order to support such dynamic functionality, implemented in the form of services, vehicle ECUs need to be designed as secure, flexible, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ECUs. Such design shall allow OTA updates while providing a secure infrastructure to do so.


Such a flexible and open architecture requires stringent and advanced security protocols to ensure that any malicious code isn’t able to affect the overall system and other services. As the number of services, and service vendors grows, also is the task of making sure that all services are inherently secure. Thus, the underlying software and hardware infrastructure must ensure secure separation and compartmentation of resources and data between the services. Moreover, strict access control to services and data must be enforced.







Automotive OEM 1

Automotive OEM 2

Automotive OEM 3

Provide a complete OTA update solution for the Automotive OEM Smart Cockpit. Support the T-Box and IVI system with differential update.

Provide a complete OTA update solution for the Automotive OEM’s Driver system. Support T-Box and IVI system differential update. Currently implemented in 2 automotive brand models in Taiwan.


Full vehicle ECU OTA solution & Cloud service. Back-end Platform Setup & Maintenance. OTA Delta Update solution.

Automotive OEM 4

Automotive OEM 5

Automotive OEM 6

OTA solution for IVI, TBOX, Cluster Display and Autonomous bus. OTA Cloud Services Platform Setup & Maintenance. OTA Solution for full Model of Bus in China & Oversea market.

Provide a high-efficient differential update solution and support IVI system differential update for a leading automotive brand.

Build OTA and Remote Diagnostics Platfom. Connect several IT systems in a leading Asian automotive OEM fleet. Develop Platform Concept for multiple Auto Models. 





High efficiency patented delta upgrade technology 

Plentiful experience in upgrading cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, electric bikes, etc.

Complete security protection mechanism to safely guard OTA upgrades

High-efficiency development cooperation model, shorten the development cycle

Unique power-off continuity, magnetic chip damage protection, low memory capacity protection, etc.

Tasks grayscales release and pause mechanism 

Provide digital security key authentication mechanism 

Build local FAE team to support and serve on-site at local OEM factories

Patented Communication Lockdown™ technology provides deterministic in-vehicle cyber and data security

Data Analysis and reporting and logging to the VSOC

Software architecture supports encryption and verification of data between processes and partitions     





CAROTA is a global one-stop OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade and remote diagnostic full solution provider. Our commitment is to provide safe, stable, reliable, and scalable OTA upgrade solutions to car OEMs and IoT smart devices manufacturers.


CAROTA is a significant player in the China market, with over 320 million smart devices installed and upgraded. The company serves customers in more than 20 countries and areas, including Greater China, the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, India, and the Southeast Asia region.


In January 2021, two new UN regulations on Cybersecurity and Software updates for passengers’ cars, vans, trucks, buses, trailers, and agricultural vehicles, entered into force. As the automotive industry needs to make major adjustments in the way vehicles are manufactured, programmed, and distributed, CAROTA supports OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers with a WP. 29 compliant OTA solution.






GuardKnox is the automotive industry’s first Cybertech Tier supplier empowering OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and the aftermarket to deliver the next generation of software-defined and service-oriented vehicles. GuardKnox’s flexible and scalable solutions enable added connectivity, Zonal E/E Architecture, hosted applications, high-speed routing (including network recovery and service discovery functionalities), vehicle personalization, and security.


The company’s pioneering approach to automotive innovation is inspired by technology from the aviation industry, providing GuardKnox with the experience needed to develop secure, high-performance computing solutions using a patented Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Founded in 2016, GuardKnox is based in Israel, with subsidiary locations in Stuttgart, Germany, and Detroit, Michigan.